Media coverage

“Brilliant follow up to Emmy-winning First Life. Extraordinary”
The Daily Telegraph

“Fascinating tale of animals with backbones”
The Times

“Incredible…Striking CGI”
Independent on Sunday

“Fascinating… Extraordinary CGI”
The Observer

“Amazing…Great CGI”
The Mail

The Sunday Times

“Extraordinary heavyweight series”
The Sun

“Classy Television. It’s an education. A wonderful mix of clarity and wonder”
The Radio Times

“Attenborough utilises latest research and frankly it’s great to watch him in action”
The Guardian

“Attenborough’s legacy is the most assured and noble in television and shows like this explain why. He informs, educates and entertains. Lord Reith would be proud.”
Time Out
 Mail Online
Radio Times

“Landmark natural history series…stunning camera work”
The Times

“Lucid and engrossing”
The Sunday Times

“Is there anything left to say about the natural world that Attenborough hasn’t covered in his innumerable previous series? The answer turned out to be a resounding yes”
The Observer

“The natural world documentary par excellence…calling on some sophisticated CGI to illustrate his story”
The Metro (27th September)

“Absorbing two-parter”
Daily Mail


Some Tweets about Rise of Animals:

Abigail Kemp: Love seeing my children watching and learning from David Attenborough like I did years ago #riseofanimals #nationaltreasure

John A Stevenson: Wow. Attenborough absolutely nailed that. If you didn’t just watch Rise of the Animals, it’s on iPlayer for 14 days:

Anuschka Schofield:David #Attenborough at his best again in #riseofanimals – well worth a watch if u missed it …

Claire: @RiseofAnimals Thought the similarities between the skate and human embryo was fascinating. Sir David is a legend. Love that guy!

James Canvin: Wow, David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals. That is how to make a science show, amazing. #riseofanimals

Blackmountainsphoto: #riseofanimals that’s my Xmas present sorted then can’t wait Boxing Day turkey and Attenbrougher

Jon Pugh: @RiseofAnimals and when that journey is with David Attenborough it’s spellbinding.

Rosamund Dove: Another amazing series from David Attenborough – making me excited about science again. I love the way it just makes sense! #riseofanimals

Jesus Rogel-Salazar: David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals. As usual, pretty stunning.

Hannah Hoare: Enjoyed @AtlanticProds #riseofanimals Had not previously grasped the significance of my flexible neck…